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Two Conventions and a Signing!

It has been a busy time for Sofawolf Press. We're back from Eurofurence and have finally begun to settle back in to our normal routines when once again we are off to a conference to be guests of honor, this time at Furry Migration. Since Kyell Gold will be in town to share the guest of honor spotlight, we're offering another book signing opportunity on our website. Please read on for summaries and details!

Eurofurence 20

Last month we flew to Berlin for Eurofurence 20, returning to Germany for the first time since EF 14 at the Ringburg Hotel. We tried learning a bit more German in preparation for this trip than last time, but it wasn't enough for us to be really conversant, so we ended up slipping back into English most of the time. Fortunately, Berlin is a lot more cosmopolitan than Suhl, and we were able to navigate the train system and wander around on our own with confidence. After arriving in style, we wandered around Berlin, checking out its beautiful sights, exploring cultural differences (check out the retweets and favorites on that one, seriously!), and even wandered to the countryside for a bit of birding.

Eventually, the convention got rolling and pulled us in from our explorations. The Eurofurence folks really put on a fantastic show, and the new Estrel hotel is a great place for a convention! People really got into the con's CSI theme, and the hotel staff enthusiastically embraced and participated in the joy and excitement we brought to the place. We helped out BlackPaw in the con's bright and airy dealer's room promoting local talent, checked out the very popular dances, and enjoyed the impressive variety of entertainment (dispite a bit of waiting for things to get started...), and got to know some of the other talented members of the furry community a bit more intimately.

But all good things must come to an end, and we finally made our exit from the Estrel, and endured the long trip home, complicated by combined impacts of con crud and jetlag.

Furry Migration

This weekend brings the exciting debut of a brand new furry convention, Furry Migration right here in our own back yard! Once again, we get to play the role of guests of honor alongside Kyell Gold, but also with our more southerly neighbor, Foxfeather. In addition to having a table in the dealers' room, we'll also be hosting several panels.

We're looking forward to seeing what our local furry community has put together for this new venture into hosting a convention!

Kyell Gold Book Signing

Because Kyell will be in town for Furry Migration, he's graciously offered to stop by our warehouse and sign any orders that contain his works. So, if you have always wanted a signed Kyell book, now is your chance! Just stop by our website (remember to enable viewing of adult products) and check out all of Kyell's titles. Don't forget that he's also appeared in many volumes of Heat, too!

Deadline: Saturday, September 13.
Kyell does have to fly home eventually, so please place your order by the end of Saturday in order to make sure he has plenty of time to make his flight!

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