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Pre-Orders and Anthrocon Travel Update

Pre-orders for pickup at Anthrocon are now done. Thanks to everyone who placed orders and pre-orders! We have a few days before we start our annual two-day road trip to Pittsburgh, and in those days we'll be making final preparations and shipping out those orders that can go immediately.

We are leaving our catalog online during our trip to Anthrocon so that you can still place orders at any time, but please be advised that we will not be processing any orders placed after Sunday, June 30, until after we return later in the week of July 7-11.

  • Both The Art of Hibbary and The Godson's Triumph are in from the printer and may be shipped in these last few days before Anthrocon. If you ordered one of these products and did not order anything that is waiting for a signature by Kyell Gold, there is a good chance we will process your order before we leave.
  • Orders that include titles by Kyell Gold will not go out until after we return. He is stopping by on his way home from Anthrocon to sign all the things. Orders with his signed products will be processed in the order that they were received after that. Recent releases in this group include Uncovered (hardcover and softcover) and Heat #11.
  • Reprints of hardcover editions of the earlier Dev and Lee titles (Out of Position, Isolation Play, and Divisions) still have an uncertain ship date. If they are not here in time for Kyell to sign, he will sign a bookplate that will be included with your books when they are ready to ship.

Thanks again for your patronage!

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