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Furry University This Weekend - Classes For Your Business Degree Taught By Sofawolf Press!

[updated] We have updated the panels below to include those by Fugue, who is helping out at our booth and who has played both roles of writer and editor for Sofawolf.

Going to be at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2014 - "Furry University" this coming weekend? Been thinking about turning your furry hobby into a full-fledged business? Then set aside some time in your schedule for the following four classes being taught by Sofawolf Press:

  • SofawolfOne: Crowdfunding 101 [Friday 6:30 pm]
    Fresh off of running our wildly successful Kickstarter for the Digger Omnibus, our team has put together an hour and a half worth of useful information for anyone else who is considering crowdfunding as a way to finance a project. The focus will be on Kickstarter and Indiegogo style programs, with an emphasis in how to plan, successfully run, and survive the process.
  • SofawolfOne: Intro to Accounting for Creators [Saturday 2pm]
    Accounting is a frequently misunderstood but very valuable tool for evaluating the health of your business operation. We'll cover some simple terms and try to demystify the mechanics with simple examples, as well as provide some tools and resource suggestions.
  • Fugue: Beginnings and Endings [Saturday 3:30 pm]
    Your first line can sell a story; your last line can sell your next story. Join us to discuss the ins and outs of starts and stops. We'll look at opening and ending lines as well as opening and ending scenes, in both classics and in modern furry writing.
  • SofawolfOne: Pitching and Promoting your Project [Saturday 7:30 pm]
    Different types of projects require different strategies when it comes to getting the word out, whether you are targeting a broad audience or approaching a publisher. We'll discuss some of the tried and true methods for various scenarios.
  • SofawolfOne: The Novel: A to Z [Sunday 11am]
    We'll attempt to run the gamut from discussing the writing process, through the editing process, and how to prepare your novel for submission. From there we'll discuss from the publisher's perspective what goes into selecting a project, securing art, preparing for publication, and selling the final product.
  • Fugue: Standing Out in the Slushpile [Sunday 2:00 pm]
    Anthologies and magazines often receive far more stories than they can actually publish. We will discuss what happens to your stories after you submit and how you can help your story's chances of being selected.

There should be something there for just about everyone, and we are particularly excited to lead the Accounting and Crowdfunding discussions. We look forward to having you in our class (no apples required).

Courses taught by Professor Sofawolf-One, our very own Jeffery Eddy, can be found on at:

courses taught by Professor Fugue can be found at:

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