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Anthrocon Is Coming! Part #2 — Stuff To Buy

One week from now we'll be in Pittsburgh. Thursday night, the calm before the storm. Come Friday, the dealers room will open and the fans will flood in and hopefully many of them will stop by our booth! Here's the new stuff that we'll be offering for sale this year:

Nordguard Card Game The Nordguard Card Game

A brand new game based on the Nordguard graphic novel series by Tess Garman and Teagan Gavet, will find you attempting to trek across a landscape of randomly placed cards, working collaboratively with your other team members to make it to your destination before time runs out.

The game comes in two versions: the standard edition (, which comes with a full set of cards and four dice, and the deluxe edition (, which includes a metal sled token for tracking your progress, four extra dice, and a Nordguard-branded canvas belt pouch to carry your game with you at all times (that you happen to be wearing a belt).

The first 50 of the pre-orders sold out online. We will have another 50 available at Anthrocon. To be fair to those who won't be there on Friday, we'll put out about a third each of the three days that the dealer's room is open, to give everyone a fair chance. (Get up early! Fight that hangover and do it!)

Flight of the Godkin Griffin cover Flight of the Godkin Griffin by M.C.A. Hogarth

This novel is a fantasy, the first of a two-book series detailing Angharad's entry into Shraeven and her growing awareness of the challenges, both political and personal, that lie ahead of her. This fast-paced story will engage readers immediately through the character of Angharad, at once world-weary and a novice to this new world. The book is both written and illustrated by M.C.A. Hogarth.(

The Blood Jaguar cover The Blood Jaguar by Michael H. Payne

This fantasy novel about an unlikely hero named Bobcat was originally published by Tor Fantasy in 1998. Sofawolf Press is reprinting the volume with all new art by Lauren Henderson (a.k.a. Louvelex) in anticipation of our publication of Payne's second novel in the series, "Rat's Reputation". ( )

Heat #9 (adult readers)

This summer sees another issue of our all-orientations romance and erotica anthology, "Heat". We've got a nice diverse mixe of authors, artists and poets new and old in this issue. You won't want to miss it! (

Sofawolf Press 2012 T-shirt design: cyber huskies The 2012 Sofawolf Press T-Shirt: Cyber Huskies!

2012 sees the introduction of e-books from Sofawolf Press! We're celebrating by making these cyber huskies the design for our newest T-shirt design. We'll be releasing more information about the e-books themselves after Anthrocon. (

Also New To Anthrocon:

Prydwen cover Green Fairy cover Red Lantern cover Peachy Keen cover In the Doghouse of Justice cover

Prydwen by Lynn Hogan was released in March at Emrald City Comic Con in both softcover ( and hardcover ( editions.

Green Fairy by Kyell Gold and illustrated by Rukis ( and Red Lantern by Rukis and Alectorfencer (, adult readers only) were both released in March at Furry Weekend Atlanta.

Peachy Keen by Mandi Tremblay ( was released in January at Further Confusion.

In the Doghouse of Justice by Kyell Gold, illustrated by Alexander Roman (, adult readers only) was released in August, 2011 at Rocky Mountain Fur Con.

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