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Ursula Vernon's Digger Nominated for a Hugo Award!

Digger contemplates the Hugo Award

We are extremely proud to announce that Ursula Vernon’s epic graphic novel series Digger has been nominated for a 2012 Hugo Award in the category of “Best Graphic Story”! All those years of regular Tuesday and Thursday posts have paid off. We are also quite happy that the award mentions Sofawolf Press, indicating that the award is at least in part for the printed volumes as well as the webcomic.

To welcome the fans of graphic storytelling who we hope will find their way to our website as a result, we’ve spent the day busily making updates of various sorts. One we’d been wanting to do for some time was to improve the product categories by dressing them up a bit with more information and images. This nomination was the push we needed to figure out the technical issues that had prevented us from doing so thus far. You can see the results of these efforts on our Digger and Ursula Vernon category pages. More to come in the near future as we pull together pictures and text! We also have plans to highlight our graphic novels and comic collections for visitors coming specifically because of the “Best Graphic Story” category.

We’ve put Digger on sale for $15 per volume, which is over 20% off the cover price! It’s also equivalent to getting one volume free if you purchase the complete six-volume set.

We’re also working on e-books, and a Digger compilation is definitely in the works as part of that project. We don’t have a specific timeline for publication, so keep an eye on our blog, our LiveJournal and/or our Twitter if you want to learn the latest! An omnibus print edition has also been discussed, but unfortunately we may not be able to pull anything of that sort together in time to be out before the Hugo voting period ends.

We'd definitely love to attend Chicon 7 for the official awards ceremony and see how the voting turns out, but we're not exactly sure of our schedules at this point. At least it's close enough that we could drive!

Once again, many congratulations to Ursula and Digger on their nomination!


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