Sofawolf Press (sofawolf) wrote,
Sofawolf Press

Sofawolf Pitch Night at Midwest FurFest?

[Alopex] We are considering having what we'd like to call a "Sofawolf Pitch Night" at Midwest FurFest this coming weekend. The idea is that we'd set aside a night to hang out somewhere in the con hotel in a nice relaxed atmosphere (with drinks, preferably!), where people could drop by and talk informally about ideas for projects they think we might want to publish. We'd give folks 10-15 minutes to describe/show/interpretive-dance their ideas, and then we'd discuss whether the project is something that we might be interested in (though no guarantees at this point). If there was enough interest, we'd schedule times (and try to stick to them) to keep things smooth and fair for everyone.

The formal submission process can be kind of intimidating, especially if you're new to the process. It may also be difficult to know whether you have an idea that's developed enough to warrant submitting to us. The purpose of a pitch night would be to help break the ice in a less formal atmosphere. It is also easier for us to hold a conversation away from the chaos of the dealers' room.

If you are interested, please email me ( I'll gauge interest, and if we get enough, we'll pull together more details.

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