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Sofawolf Pre-orders -or- Please Be Kind To An Old Server

We will be opening for pre-orders of [EDIT] the hardcover editions of [/EDIT] "Across Thin Ice", "Out Of Position" and "Isolation Play" on Saturday. Unfortunately, we are still on our old webserver with its limited bandwidth, so things might get bogged down if everyone rushes to put in their orders Saturday morning. Here are some suggestions to make your purchasing experience easier:

  1. Prepare ahead. If you don't already have an account on our system, set one up today. You can also set up your shipping address, which will save a step during the checkout process.
  2. Clear your shopping cart. You will only be able to check out pre-order items together, so if you have anything else in your cart, you will have to remove them before checking out. Do this now while our server is not overloaded.
  3. It's OK to wait. We have more copies of "Across Thin Ice" up for pre-order than any pre-order run we've done before. We won't be selling out immediately, as some people may fear, because our system simply can't handle that sort of volume. If you find our website response is slow, come back later.
  4. Please be patient. Our system really wasn't built to handle the sort of traffic we are expecting on Saturday, but it's what we have to work with. It may take longer to get through the process, but you will get there!
  5. Backup plan. We have set aside portions of each hardcover run for sale at Anthrocon, so if they should happen to sell out online, you will have a chance of picking them up at the convention (or have a friend do so for you if you can't make it).

We apologize for putting you all through this process one more time, but development of our new website was delayed by our need to get products ready for the Anthrocon/Comic-Con International summer rush. With luck this will be the last time you need to deal with our old system.

International Orders: we do ship internationally and to APO/FPO addressess via USPS Priority International mail. The cost of shipping is based on USPS charges for the weight and destination of your package, and is not exactly cheap. You will have a chance to preview shipping costs when you go to check out, prior to finalizing your purchase. We will be sending softcover editions of "Across Thin Ice" to our German Distributors, Black Paw and our Brazilian distributors, Loja dos Furries which for some of you may provide cheaper shipping options.

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