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Comic-Con again!

Sofawolf is going back to Comic-Con, and we are super-excited! First of all, we got a booth in the new Webcomics area. We think this is good for a couple reasons:

* We have several webcomics products: Digger, Fur-Piled, Dog's Days of Summer.
* Webcomics in general tend to be stories by individual creators, a little offbeat, not quite mainstream-ready. This dovetails pretty well with our audience, even for our non-webcomic properties.
* We did really well in the webcomics area at WonderCon.

We're also excited because we have a corner booth! That's another whole table behind which to sell things. And to help us out, we've recruited an expert sales-corgi!

The booth number is 1236. We'll be there all show, and we have some exciting signings this year, like a_husky ("Fur-Piled") and kyellgold. Times will be posted at the booth by Thursday morning at the latest.

We've got all the new Sofawolf stuff--Heat, New Fables, Digger #5, Fur-Piled #4, new t-shirts--as well as all your old favorites. So come on by and say hi, and pick up a free button or two. :)
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