Sofawolf Press (sofawolf) wrote,
Sofawolf Press

Online Product Release Extravaganza!

[Alopex] Very shortly, we will be releasing online five new products originally released at Anthrocon:

Heat, Vol. 4:

FurPiled, Vol. 2:

The Art of Kenket:

New Fables, Summer 2007:

And last but not least, Digger, Vol. 3:
With a special limited release of signed copies!

In other news, Comic-Con apparently was a success. So we've heard from Malin, from whom we are expecting a full con report upon his return! And on top of that, Brer and I will soon be moving ourselves, Rio (the original Sofawolf), Wizard (sofawolf-in-training) and the business to a new home. We're finally transitioning from being renters to home owners. The move begins in a couple weeks, and we have to be out of our current place by the end of August. Hopefully during this process our fans and customers will see little more than a short outage while we move the servers to a new location. We're also going to finally move our PO box to a new, more convenient location from the one we've had the last 5.5 years. It's a big change for the business because it will mean updating our addresses on everything from letterhead to title pages.
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