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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016
10:15 pm - Announcing Hot Dish #2, Available at Midwest FurFest!
Hot Dish #2 Cover

We are excited to announce the release of Hot Dish Vol. 2! After several years of production and a lot of last-minute work, we are relatively confident that it will be printed and available for official release at Midwest FurFest in the vicinity of Chicago December 1–4. The book will also be available for purchase online starting Friday, December 2 (the day the Dealers Den opens).

Hot Dish is for adults only.

Hot Dish is now officially a series. It started with a first volume collected from story submissions that were too long for Heat, our annual anthology of short stories, comics and poetry about love and romance between individuals of all species and orientations. After the success of our first volume, which was released in 2013, we began collecting stories for a second, and Hot Dish #2 is the result.

So please stop by our table in the MFF Dealers Den. As in previous years, we are at booths 3–4 in the International Ballroom.

Special thanks go to Dark End for all the editorial heavy lifting required to pull this volume together, and to Teagan Gavet for wrangling illustrators and the layout. Without their efforts Hot Dish #2 would not exist!

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Monday, October 3rd, 2016
9:45 pm - Furry Book Month and Kyell Gold Signing

Furry Book Month Sale!

October is the Furry Writer's Guild's "Furry Book Month". All month long we are giving 20% off anything in the store in celebration.

Use coupon code FBM2016 when prompted for a discount code during checkout to get your 20% off.

Kyell Gold Signing!

In addition, Kyell Gold will be in town for Gaylaxicon and has offered to sign books while he is here. Any of Kyell's works purchased by October 9th can be signed. Please add any special requests (within reason!) in your order comments.

Yes, you can combine the signing and the 20% off sale as long as you remember to use the coupon code!

Once you are done purchasing everything from us, check out the other great publishers and authors with discounts all month via the Furry Book Month announcement below.


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Friday, September 9th, 2016
9:42 am - Fall 2016 Update: Submissions, Projects and Conventions

It’s been a while since an update, so there is much to talk about. We’ll keep things short and efficient!

Heat Submissions: Deadline September 19

Yes, only a week and a half to go until we close our annual call for submissions to Heat. But that includes two full weekends, so you still have time! Submissions are open for short stories, comics and poetry.

Novel Submissions: Open through November 15

We’re looking for fresh novel submissions again! The submissions are currently open in the system, though we won't be officially starting to review them until the 15th. (We can't make the category visible ahead of time to allow you to review the submission details, so we decided to just open it early.) Novel submissions will remain open for two months, until November 15.

We’ve made some changes to the submission process. On the submitters’ end, we are asking for sample chapters (the first 2-4 chapters of the novel) in addition to a synopsis. Behind the scenes we have also made some changes to our review process that will hopefully get responses out to submissions much sooner than we have in the past.


We are have a busy fall schedule ahead of us!

  • Furry Migration Sept. 9–11
    Today we’re heading across town to our local con, where we’ll be selling books in the dealer’s room and hosting some panels. Please stop by!
  • Arizona Fur Con Sept. 30–Oct. 2
    We are Guests of Honor at our first appearance at Arizona Fur Con! We’re really excited to see some new country and check out this convention for the first time. Keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates on panels as they are decided.
  • Gaylaxicon Oct. 7–9
    As soon as we get back from Arizona we’ll be preparing for Gaylaxicon to return to Minneapolis. We’ll have a table in the dealer’s room and look forward to reconnecting with folks we haven’t seen since the last time the con was in town.
  • Midwest Fur Fest December 1–4
    We’ll be back at MFF this December, in the dealer’s room and hosting panels. We may have a new title or two to release at this convention. Stay tuned!

Franko Kickstarter

Rewards for the Franko Kickstarter are now shipping! Nearly all the domestic (USA) orders are en route, and many of the international orders are out. The remaining international orders are the larger orders with more complex customs information to fill out. We tried to get them all done before Furry Migration, but unfortunately the remainder will have to wait until next week to finish processing.

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Monday, June 27th, 2016
8:47 am - Summer 2016 New Releases and Updates

We may have been quiet, but we’ve not been idle! Just in time for Anthrocon 2016 we are excited to announce two new titles: Franko, Fables of the Last Earth and Heat #13.

Franko, Fables of the New Earth
Heat #13

Franko is a collection of comics about a young lion named Franko and his friend Shin living on what is today the Atacama Desert of Chile, only a thousand years in our future, when humans have disappeared, taking much of their technology with them. Written by Ángel Bernier and illustrated by Cristóbal Jofré, the collection was originally published in its native Spanish in Chile. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of our own English translation of the book.

The book comes in softcover ($19.95) and hardcover ($39.95) editions, It will be released at Anthrocon, where Cristóbal Jofré will be present for signings! It will be available for purchase on our website July 5.

Heat #13, despite being such a lucky and auspicious number, came through at the last minute to continue our (mostly) unbroken tradition of an annual Anthrocon release. Dark End and Black Teagan once again did their magic with words and art to compile a diverse and striking collection of stories, comics and poetry dedicated to exploring stories of love and lust. Please see the product page for full details on what’s inside.

Heat is for adults only! It too will be released at Anthrocon and then will be made available on our website ($14.95).

General Updates
2016 has been a busy, hectic time for us, both in Sofawolf and the rest of our lives. In fact, the last full year has been quite full of ups and downs. In June 2015 our husky Wizard lost his battle with cancer. In the year since, we got married, got Zeena, spent the next several months adapting to life with a husky puppy in the house, adapted to significant changes in our day jobs, replaced all the windows in our house (in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard!), replaced our basement stairs when they collapsed, moved the entire Sofawolf warehouse when our previous landlord decided not to renew our lease (they wanted to use the space we were in), ran another Kickstarter campaign, and most recently helped coordinate a non-furry convention. We are rather exhausted and in some strange ways looking forward to two days of nothing but driving to Pittsburgh for Anthrocon.

This summer will be a time to regroup and revisit some oft-delayed projects like our aging website and digital publication. We’ll try not to be such strangers, but we also are smart enough to not make any promises!

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Monday, December 21st, 2015
9:35 am - Kyell Gold's Over Time Signing and Pre-Orders

We are excited to announce the release of Over Time, the fifth and final book in Kyell Gold's Out of Position series (including Out of Position, Isolation Play, Divisions, and Uncovered). The book picks up right at the end of the last book and takes Dev and Lee through figuring out what their lives are going to look like together. It is available in both softcover ($19.95) and hardcover ($39.95).

So what do you need to know?

Remember these dates:

  • Softcover Pre-orders start NOW! Yes, NOW!
  • Hardcover Pre-orders start on Tuesday, December 22nd @ 5PM Central US Time.
  • All Pre-orders must be placed by Tuesday, January 5th @ Midnight Central US Time.

Over Time Pre-Orders and Signing

Softcover editions of Over Time will be available for pre-order on our website starting now. Hardcover editions of Over Time will be available for pre-order on our website starting Tuesday, December 22nd at 5PM Central US Time. Copies of both editions pre-ordered by Tuesday, January 5th will be signed by Kyell. Hardcovers pre-ordered by Tuesday, January 5th will be both signed and numbered. Numbers will be assigned to orders in the order received.

Hardcover editions of the other books in the Out of Position series (Out of Position, Isolation Play, Divisions and Uncovered) will be signed but not numbered.

(Un-numbered, un-signed copies will be available for general purchase at the convention and on our website after January 20th, while supplies last.)

Kyell signing pre-order rules & details:

  • Signed copies are only guaranteed for orders placed by Tuesday, January 5th.
  • Kyell will be signing all of his titles, not just Over Time. So, anything you purchase by Kyell—including short stories in volumes of Heat‐will be signed.
  • If you would like your book(s) dedicated, please include the name(s) for the dedication in the notes field during checkout. Be as clear as possible what you want.
  • You may include any other products in your pre-order. We will attempt to ship all orders between January 20th and 24th, but depending on volume it may take us a little longer.

Pre-Orders to be Shipped:

There is no special pre-order shipping option if you are not picking your books up at Further Confusion. Simply choose among the standard shipping options. Any order that contains Over Time will be considered a pre-order and will not be shipped until all products in the order are in and/or signed.

We will attempt to ship all orders between January 20th and 24th.

Further Confusion At-Con Pick-Up:

Pre-orders for pick-up at Further Confusion will be taken through Tuesday, January 5th. Orders must be placed and paid for by this date. The pre-order and pick-up process will be the same as in previous years:

To Order:

  • Add items to your cart.
  • When checking out, select the "At-Convention Pick-Up" shipping option.
  • If you choose the "Check or Money Order" payment option, your payment must reach us by Monday January 11th. You may also send us funds via PayPal to sales@sofawolf.com for the full amount of the order.
  • Print out a copy of your receipt and bring it with you to Further Confusion.

To Pick Up:

  • Come to our tables #84-85 in the Dealer's Room before the last day of the con.
  • Show us the copy of your order receipt.
  • Present a photo ID matching the name on the order.
  • We'll ask for your signature to confirm you've picked up your order, and then you'll get your loot!
  • If your plans change and you need someone to pick up your order for you, please contact us at sales@sofawolf.com with the name of the person authorized to pick up your order. (They must provide photo ID matching the name you give us.)

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Sunday, November 22nd, 2015
8:17 am - Caterwall Signing, Pre-Holiday Sale & Upcoming Releases
We will be getting a visit from Spain Fischer over the Thanksgiving holiday, and she has offered to take some time away from the mountains of food to sign some books! Here is how it will work:

  • Buy a copy of Caterwall (Softcover or Hardcover) through our website between now and midnight on Friday the 27th, and it will be signed. We will ship them out the following weekend.

  • If you would like it personalized, just leave instructions in the comments field on your order, or email us afterward if you forget.

  • We will also be getting some extra copies signed for sale at Midwest FurFest, so if you would rather get them there, you can do so. (Spain will not be attending the con, however, so you won't be able to get them personalized unless you buy online ahead of time.)

Also, from now until midnight on Sunday the 29th, use the following code for 15% off ANYTHING in the store:


Lastly, on the new products front, we will be putting the Anubis Dark Desire anthology (Softcover and Hardcover) online for purchase beginning on Monday the 30th. They will also be available at MidWest Furfest and for many conventions to come. If you did not get a chance to back the Kickstarter, you can now pick up copies of the book for yourself or others.

We will also SOON begin taking pre-orders for Over Time (Softcover and Hardcover) the FINAL book in the Out of Position series by Kyell Gold for the Janury 15th, 2016 release date. We will make an announcement before this happens with all the relevant details, and will also have reprints available of all the past Hardcovers in the series, so that folks who missed out on previous releases can catch up on those.

We hope everyone in the US has a terrific Thanksgiving, and everyone else a terrific plain old Thursday.

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Thursday, August 13th, 2015
4:06 pm - Kyell Gold Online Signing Opportunity

If you have always wanted signed copies of Kyell Gold's novels and anthologies (be sure to enable viewing adult products to see all his titles), or copies of Heat, but can't attend any of the cons to see him in person, now is your opportunity to get something signed while he is in town for Furry Migration in a couple weeks.

Here is how it works:

  1. Place an order via the Sofawolf website between now and Friday August 28th. If you can't pay via Credit Card, we can take PayPal payments offline. Select the Check/Money Order option when you check out and note in the comments that you want to pay via PayPal. (You can pay via Check too if you like, but you need to make sure we get it before Friday the 28th.)
  2. Note in the order comments that you want Kyell to sign the books and, if applicable, the name you want the books signed to.
  3. He'll sign them the weekend of the 28th - 30th and we will ship on or around Monday the 31st. Please place your order by August 28 to take advantage of this signing opportunity.

Please note that you are welcome to include any in-stock items from our catalog in your order. We will ship your items together, once Kyell has finished his signing.

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Thursday, July 23rd, 2015
11:13 pm - Heat #13 Submissions Now Open!

With Heat #12 successfully released, and after a brief break for the editorial team to recuperate, it's now time to start the process all over again for Heat #13! We have opend up our Submittable submissions categories once again for submissions of Heat stories, poems and comics.

Heat is our annual anthology of tales about love and romance told through a variety of storytelling formats. Each issue strives to showcase some of the best romantic and erotic fiction, including any and all sexual orientations.

The submission process is pretty straight forward. Just follow the above links to the submission page for the appropriate category and follow the instructions. You do not have to pay to create an account or to submit to any of our categories.

Because of known scheduling issues for our editorial team in the coming year, we are going to press our production schedule forward in order to get into editing mode as soon as feasibly possible. As such, we are opening for submissions through Monday, August 31. If you'd like to submit stories, poetry or comics for consideration for Heat #13, you have a little over five weeks to do so. We hope to get through reviewing submissions in September and into editing of our selected works by early October. If all goes as planned, we still hope to have the next volume ready for release at Anthrocon 2016.

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Wednesday, July 8th, 2015
11:40 pm - Summer 2015 Releases Now For Sale Online (Preorder)!

We have decided to make all our summer releases available for purchase online a couple of days early. Feel free to start placing orders at your earliest convenience! However, please note that because we are away at conventions, we will not be processing orders until we return, shortly after after July 14th. You can consider this a short pre-order period.

Our most recent release is Rat's Reputation by Michael Payne, a companion to his popular previous novel, The Blood Jaguar.

Also brand new this summer is Caterwall a graphic novel by Spain Fisdher about a young cat banished from his homeland for telling the truth. It is available in both softcover and hardcover.

And finally, we have Heat #12, our latest annual anthology dedicated to the best in romantic and erotic furry fiction, poetry and comics.

Please check them out and place your orders!

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10:48 am - Announcing: Rat's Reputation by Michael Payne
Cover of Rat's Reputation by Michael Payne

For years, readers have waited for author Michael Payne to return to the beautifully realized animal world of The Blood Jaguar. Now that wait is over, as Rat's Reputation gives us another perspective on life in that world.

Rat, a young orphan taken in by a squirrel community and then sent to live with mice after an accident at a religious ceremony, can't seem to escape the preconceptions everyone has about his kind. Sure, he makes mistakes, but doesn't everyone? It doesn't seem fair that even the things he doesn't do get blamed on him, nor that sometimes the worst things happen when he’s trying his hardest not to get in trouble. He has friends in the community, mice who see him for who he is and not what he is, but they can't shield him forever, and he doesn’t think they should have to.

How did he end up an orphan anyway? He doesn't really remember, but as he grows, he starts to get some hints that it has to do with the Curials, the twelve animal spirits who watch over the world. Even getting answers to that question doesn't help him figure out where he belongs now, though. That's something he'll have to answer for himself. Fortunately for him (and for us), his wanderlust takes him far across the world, to many exotic places, and his absence in the mouse community only makes his legend grow larger.

Where The Blood Jaguar described an unlikely hero thrust into an epic quest with a world depending on him, Rat's Reputation takes us on a no less epic but much more personal journey. Rat faces the questions all of us have faced: am I more than what others see in me? Where do I belong? What’s my purpose here? Around this story, we get Payne's wonderful characters, who make this story a true joy.

Sofawolf Press is excited to include Rat's Reputation as a late addition to our Summer 2015 releases. It will be available for purchase online shortly and at our booth at Anthrocon this coming weekend.

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Tuesday, June 9th, 2015
7:52 am - Summer 2015 Releases

While we've been rather quiet lately, it's not because we haven't been busy! In addition to working on the Anubis Dark Desires graphic novel (for adults) that was funded successfully through Kickstarter, and which will be released later this year, we have also been busy working on getting Caterwall Vol. 1: The Isle of Manx and Heat #12 ready for their Anthrocon debut on July 10.

Caterwall ($19.95 softcover and $39.95 hardcover) is the creation of Spain Fischer and tells the tale of Max, a young cat who is banished from his home for telling the truth, and who with his friend Gavin must learn to survive on their own while helping protect the kingdom that is no longer their home from war.

Caterwall is suitable for readers of all ages.

Heat #12 ($14.95) continues our annual tradition of showcasing some of the fandom's best romantic and erotic writing, comics and poetry. This year's volume is an exciting mix of talents new and old.

Heat contains adult content and is not suitable for minors.

Both products will debut at the opening of the dealer's room at Anthrocon on Friday, July 10, and will also be available for purchase on our website starting that date.

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Saturday, March 7th, 2015
9:21 am - Anubis Dark Desire Kickstarter Has Launched!
Working cover teaser

After several weeks of intense work and several months worth of planning, we're delighted to be able to bring you the Kickstarter campaign for the Anubis: Dark Desire Anthology! The book is going to be great: offset printed in full color on high quality paper, perfect bound, and a super collection of awesome and historic art. Over 170 pages of stories about the sexy black jackal.

Now that we've launched, the fun really begins. There's only 30 days to get the word out to as many people as possible. Every backer allows us to make the book even better, and we have a variety of cool stretch goals in mind that will do just that. So spread the word far and wide! Tell your friends!

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank Dark Natasha and Andy who lent a lot of assistance to the process of getting the Kickstarter up and running. We'd also like to thank all the artists, writers, inkers, and other creative folks who worked on the original material and are now re-visiting the material as colorists.

Let's make this book!

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Friday, February 20th, 2015
9:25 am - Announcing the new Anubis Dark Desire Anthology
Working cover teaser

In 2002 indie adult comics publisher Sin Factory (an imprint of Radio Comics) produced the first volume of an adult comic anthology featuring the Egyptian God Anubis. Called Anubis: Dark Desire and featuring the art of Heather Bruton, Dark Natasha, Sara Palmer, and Diana Harlan-Stein, it was wildly popular and the initial sales rush at its first convention was something Sofawolf noticed and dreamed of emulating one day. The series went on to encompass a total of four volumes, adding the talents of Terrie Smith and Michelle Light to the original slate of artists, and concluded in 2008. Many of the early volumes have been out of print for many years, and have become nearly impossible to find.

Sofawolf Press is happy to announce an anthology collecting nearly the entire run of comics from the original volumes (19 comics, over 165 pages) along with much of the original single-page art and a gorgeous new cover by Dark Natasha and Blotch. The stories range from comic to dramatic in style, feature a variety of sexual orientations, and are fine examples of the indie adult comics genre of the period as drawn by many of the finest pioneer artists of the fandom.

While most of the original material (apart from the covers) was drawn and printed in black and white, a collection as historic as this felt like it deserves more. It deserves color! However, in order to achieve this we would not only need to pay the artists or colorists to do the work, we would need to invest in an offset printing run to make the cover price reasonable.

So, we're going to have a crowd funding campaign and let YOU, the devoted followers of Anubis, decide! If we hit our funding goal we'll print it in the original black and white, and it will be a great collection of the original material. But, if we hit our color stretch goal we will be able to print it in glorious offset color. Further stretch goals will enable printed casebound hardcovers and even additional stories and source material to be added to the final volume.

Of course there will be a variety of exclusive goodies as well, including a stunning cloisonne pin, a shot glass, sketches by the artists, and more.

When is this all going to go down? We are waiting for some final pricing details and approvals before we launch, so we don't have an exact date yet, but watch the Sofawolf Press website, the @sofawolfpress Twitter account, or the art and information feeds of any of the artists for an announcement before the end of February.

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Monday, December 15th, 2014
10:11 pm - 'Tis the Season to Reward Procrastination

Christmas is almost here, and our deadline for ordering products in time for the holiday is even closer! This Thursday the 18th is the last day for you to place orders with us and have them shipped out in time for delivery by Christmas (according to USPS estimates for delivery to destinations within the United States).

Need some extra incentive? How about taking 20% off when you use the coupon code LASTMIN at checkout! Yes, we are rewarding all you procrastinators with one final sale for the season.

In fact, the coupon code will continue to work through December 24th, in case you wish to place an order and don't particularly care about the delivery date. Enjoy!

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Saturday, November 29th, 2014
10:04 pm - Christmas Shipping Deadlines

Each year, USPS publishes dates by which packages should be posted in order to have a good chance of reaching their destination in time for Christmas. This year, MFF falls in the middle of this period, but we should be able to handle all the important deadlines before and after our travel to the convention.

Please note that we are publishing this information with the intention of serving you to the best of our abilities. Placing your order well before the last minute will dramatically increase your chances of having it arrive in time for the holidays.

Here are the relevant dates:

Monday, Dec. 1 – Final deadline for orders to Africa, Central and South America and the 093 AFO/APO AE zipcode. We will be processing orders on Tues. the 2nd, so orders placed early that day MAY make it in time.

Tuesday, Dec. 9 – Assuming our return from MFF is not delayed by weather, we will be processing orders on this date. Orders placed by NOON (Central time) should be processed and dropped off at the post office in time. This deadline is for first class international mail to ALL international destinations, including military AFO/APO AE zipcodes. It is also the Priority Mail deadline for Asia & the Pacifici Rim, Australia & New Zealand.

Thursday, Dec. 11 – This is the Priority Mail International deadline for Canada, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Orders placed early Friday the 12th MAY also get posted in time.

Thursday, Dec. 18 – This is the domestic (United States) deadline for both first class and Priority shipping. Orders placed early Friday the 19th MAY also be posted in time.

Orders must be paid in full by the above deadlines in order for them to be shipped out on time.

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Thursday, November 27th, 2014
9:06 am - 2014 Sofawolf Holiday Sales!

Unlike people, web sites never sleep, need a day off, or eat a pound of turkey and pass out. So, starting right now and through the end of Cyber Monday, give our web site something to do — and take 30% off your total order for the trouble.

Just use discount code TURKEY14 when you are checking out to apply your 30% discount!

Everything is on sale, including:

The Digger Omnibus – The entire run of Digger in one massive volume, plus all the extras: a section of color cover art, the artist’s web commentary, and all the goodies from the original volumes, in both softcover and hardcover. We also have Stickers, Pins, and T-Shirts from the Kickstarter we did last year still available.

God of Clay – Part one of Ryan Campbell’s “The Fire Bearers” trilogy. This is a superlative example of fiction that is solidly “Furry” while also being something that fantasy lovers from outside the fandom can really appreciate. Winner of the 2013 Cóyotl Award for Best Novel.

The Godson’s Triumph – the conclusion of MCA Hogarth’s fantasy/military intrigue adventure that started with Flight of the Godkin Griffin. Lots of surprising themes in this series, and the ending is probably not one readers of the first volume would ever have predicted.

For those artistically inclined, we begin releasing new volumes in the Artistic Visions line this past year with AV-Henreike and AV-Hibbary. These are both terrific artists with very different styles, and the volumes do a good job of highlighting their work.

Of course on the Adult side there are new books from Kyell Gold. Uncovered is the fourth book in the “Dev and Lee” series that started with Out of Position, and continues the tension that has been building throughout the series. Red Devil is the second book in the series that started with Green Fairy, and features different main characters and a different historical setting.

We also released Heat #11 this past summer, the biggest volume yet of our annual adult anthology of stories, poetry and comics oriented around the themes of romance and erotica. Designed and edited by Black Teagan, Dark End and Alopex, it contains works by creative talents new and old: Tempe O’Kun, Keovi, SophieCabra, Huskyteer, Pegibruno, Blue_Panther, Slip-Wolf, Ludo, Whyte Yoté, Mari, Camron Cuccu, Arphalia, Katie Hofgard, Etuix, Kyell Gold, Coyox, Donryu, Kamui and Blotch.

If you prefer longer works of gooey, saucy fiction, don’t overlook the Cóyotl Award-winning Hot Dish Vol 1 (2013 award for Best Anthology). We are hard at work on story selection for volume two of the series, so now is a great time to experience the first collection with stories by Kandrel, Huskyteer, Faora Meridian, Dark End, Lady Chastity Chatterley, Dwale, Tack Otter, and Arcane Reno, with illustrations by Keovi and cover by Kamui.

Please stop by whenever you get a chance! There are no lines, no crowds, and no need to camp out in the cold waiting for doors to open, just some really good deals on everything in the store.

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2014
8:44 am - New Digger Products!

Just in time for the holidays, we've added a number of Digger products to our catalog! We are making available some of the extra goodies left over after our Digger Omnibus Kickstarter:

* Note: The T-shirts are a new batch, printed on the same quality T-shirt, with the same design on the front, but they do not have the Kickstarter Backer graphic on the back.

Digger Sticker Designs Digger Kickstarter Pins Digger T-Shirt Design

Please keep an eye on our website and our social streams for more holiday special deals in the coming days!

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Thursday, September 11th, 2014
9:04 am - Two Conventions and a Signing!

It has been a busy time for Sofawolf Press. We're back from Eurofurence and have finally begun to settle back in to our normal routines when once again we are off to a conference to be guests of honor, this time at Furry Migration. Since Kyell Gold will be in town to share the guest of honor spotlight, we're offering another book signing opportunity on our website. Please read on for summaries and details!

Eurofurence 20

Last month we flew to Berlin for Eurofurence 20, returning to Germany for the first time since EF 14 at the Ringburg Hotel. We tried learning a bit more German in preparation for this trip than last time, but it wasn't enough for us to be really conversant, so we ended up slipping back into English most of the time. Fortunately, Berlin is a lot more cosmopolitan than Suhl, and we were able to navigate the train system and wander around on our own with confidence. After arriving in style, we wandered around Berlin, checking out its beautiful sights, exploring cultural differences (check out the retweets and favorites on that one, seriously!), and even wandered to the countryside for a bit of birding.

Eventually, the convention got rolling and pulled us in from our explorations. The Eurofurence folks really put on a fantastic show, and the new Estrel hotel is a great place for a convention! People really got into the con's CSI theme, and the hotel staff enthusiastically embraced and participated in the joy and excitement we brought to the place. We helped out BlackPaw in the con's bright and airy dealer's room promoting local talent, checked out the very popular dances, and enjoyed the impressive variety of entertainment (dispite a bit of waiting for things to get started...), and got to know some of the other talented members of the furry community a bit more intimately.

But all good things must come to an end, and we finally made our exit from the Estrel, and endured the long trip home, complicated by combined impacts of con crud and jetlag.

Furry Migration

This weekend brings the exciting debut of a brand new furry convention, Furry Migration right here in our own back yard! Once again, we get to play the role of guests of honor alongside Kyell Gold, but also with our more southerly neighbor, Foxfeather. In addition to having a table in the dealers' room, we'll also be hosting several panels.

We're looking forward to seeing what our local furry community has put together for this new venture into hosting a convention!

Kyell Gold Book Signing

Because Kyell will be in town for Furry Migration, he's graciously offered to stop by our warehouse and sign any orders that contain his works. So, if you have always wanted a signed Kyell book, now is your chance! Just stop by our website (remember to enable viewing of adult products) and check out all of Kyell's titles. Don't forget that he's also appeared in many volumes of Heat, too!

Deadline: Saturday, September 13.
Kyell does have to fly home eventually, so please place your order by the end of Saturday in order to make sure he has plenty of time to make his flight!

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Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
8:35 am - Announcing A New Project: Franko, Fables of the Last Earth

We are excited to announce that we will be publishing the English translation of Franko: Fables of the Last Earth by the Chilean writer and artist team Ángel Bernier and Cristóbal Jofré! Franko was released in its original Spanish translation a year ago, and it has received great reviews in the world of Spanish comics and literature. We are proud to have the opportunity now to bring Franko’s enchanting tales and strong, vivid images to our English-speaking audiences.

Franko and Sofawolf business meeting

Franko is a collection of six fables about the eponymous lion and his friend Shin who live in the challenging environment of the arid high deserts of Chile. Throughout their daily lives they encounter a variety of characters living and dead (and of other unquantifiable states of existence) who, in the proper tradition of fables, teach them valuable lessons or give them a richer appreciation for the world around them. Franko’s world is foreign, yet familiar, with a rich mythology that feels ancient, even though it is totally the creation of Jofré and Bernier.

Translation is already under way. Our hope is to present Franko’s stories in a readable English version that allows the reader to become fully immersed in the stories, yet still preserves some of the flavor of the original Spanish. We’re grateful to our collaborators in Chile who have been responsible for the majority of the translation work, while we have been working on our end to make sure things will sound natural to our English-speaking readers’ ears. While most of the work has been smooth, one poetic piece at the end has posed a special challenge as we try to preserve both the original meaning and the poetic flow of the words.

If all goes well, we should have Franko ready for release at Further Confusion, 2015. We are looking into options for funding the print run with pre-orders, and we’ll announce details as they are confirmed. Our goal is to print Franko via offset processes, which will keep the cover price down in the range of Nordguard or Prydwen, as opposed to the price point of our digitally printed color graphic novels such as Dog’s Days of Summer and Red Lantern. Offset printing would also enable us to more easily offer a quality hardcover edition.

So please keep an eye on our blog, LiveJournal account, and Twitter for updates!

In the meantime, you can hop over to our Coming Soon page for more previews. You can also follow Franko's progress on Tumblr and Facebook.

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2014
10:35 pm - Heat #12 and Hot Dish #2 Submissions Open, now through September!

[Alopex] Now that we’ve survived Anthrocon and the successful release of Heat #11 and several other new products and the 2-day drive home AND the shipping of pre-orders (mostly) it’s time to think about starting things up all over again for Heat #12!

Heat #12 Submissions

Our deadline this year is the same as last year’s: September 30. However, we’re making the announcement quite a bit earlier than last year, so you all have two and a half months to finish polishing off your stories! (You all have been busy writing already and not waiting for this announcement, right? Right?)

Last year was our first year using Submittable for managing submissions, and it has worked out well enough that we’re going to continue using it this year. You can start on our main page or go directly to the submission forms for Heat stories, poems, and comics.

Please note that we’ve had one report of Submittable’s confirmation emails getting caught by spam filters, which hopefully they’re working on fixing. In the meantime, if you’re ever unsure about the status of your submissions, you can always log in to Submittable, check out “My Submissions” under your account details, and then click on the “Activity” tab for any of your submissions. That will reveal whatever emails Submittable has sent to your email account, whether they successfully made it to your inbox or not. If you have any further questions, please contact us at talent@sofawolf.com.

And, as I can’t say it enough times, many thanks to Dark End and Teagan Gavet for their tremendous work on Heat #11, along with Huskyteer and Jeff for their slushpile and editing work. Hopefully they won’t kill me for not giving them much of a break before starting it all up once again!

Hot Dish #2 Submissions

We’ve made some good progress with the submissions that have come in so far, but we’re still looking for more in order to put together a volume of similar length as the first volume. As incentive for procrastinators to get their works-in-progress polished up and submitted, we’re setting a deadline of September 30, 2014 for Hot Dish, the same as for Heat. All submissions received by this deadline will be considered. If after we’ve reviewed these submissions we find that we have enough stories to fill the next volume, we will officially close submissions and begin our editing work in earnest.

If we don’t accept enough submissions by this deadline, we will keep it open. But we offer no guarantees, so, if you want to be in Hot Dish #2, now is the time to get to work!

Our Hot Dish submissions form remains open at its original location.

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